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Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock

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Rolling stock comprises all the vehicles that move along a railway, i.e. powered and unpowered vehicles such as locomotives (including on-track machines – OTMs) and passenger carriages. An effective cross-border train traffic can be ensured only if national rail infrastructure networks are technically compatible with the rolling stock running on their cross-border lines. A specific ‘vehicle authorisation’ process ensures that the rolling stock is compatible with the rail infrastructure on which it operates. The requirements for rolling stock on European level are defined by Regulations (EU) 321/2013 concerning the Technical Specification for Interoperability relating to the subsystem ‘rolling stock — freight wagons’ (TSI WAG) and (EU) 1302/2014 concerning a Technical Specification for Interoperability relating to the ‘rolling stock – locomotives and passenger rolling stock’ (TSI LOC&PAS). 

EIM in action

  • EIM’s Rolling Stock Working Group (RST WG) discusses the interfaces between the infrastructure and the vehicles running on it; 
  • EIM’s RST WG follows the ERA Working Parties and Working groups that have an interface with the TSI LOC&PAS and the TSI WAG.


  • EIM contributed to the new European Commission proposals concerning the conditions of track access for testing purposes and the drafting of the Application Guide for Vehicle Authorisation;
  • EIM’s RST WG contributed to the new TSI revision process. Members of this group contribute to the Working Parties, Topical Working Groups and Tasks Forces interfacing with the TSI LOC&Pas and TSI WAG;
  • Due to the work done on route compatibility checks, the EIM RST WG worked with the EIM OPE WG;
  • EIM worked with ERA concerning the application of the RINF to the route compatibility checks.
  • EIM contributed to the standardisation of ‘Radio Frequency Identification’ (RFID) for European railways;
  • EIM’s RST WG attended the ERA-EC Workshops on the ‘Future Revision of the TSIs’;
  • EIM’s RST WG attended the ERA Topical WGs and discussed the Change Requests for coming TSI WAG and TSI LOC&PAS revisions (planned in 2022).

Outlook 2021

  • EIM will continue contributing to the ERA task force on the ‘Classification of National Rules (NRs) for Vehicle Authorisation’;
  • EIM’s RST WG will continue following up on the evolution of the ‘Future Revision of the TSIs’;
  • EIM’s RST WG will continue following up the ERA Topical WGs and Task Forces;
  • EIM will continue to contribute to topics related to route compatibly checks upon request;
  • EIM will monitor the progress of the implementation of the vehicle authorisation, route compatibility and testing as well as the approval of the ‘European standard on Radio Frequency Identification’ (RFID);
  • EIM’s RST experts will monitor the activity of ERA’s new ‘Topical Working Group on Freight’ that will manage:
    • The possible inclusion of the derailment detection function;
    • Based on the outputs of S2R IP5, definition of the interoperability requirements for automatic couplers for freight wagons (if necessary including digital connection);
    • Review the provisions on train rear end signals based on the findings in the reports delivered by Member States;
    • Improvement of provisions to allow for the use of ‘Automatic Identification and Data Capture’ (AIDC) technologies in order to remove physical markings on freight wagons;
    • Examining requirements for an improved protection of train drivers, such as availability of toilets in freight locomotives.
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